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Information Punishment appeal Information

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Punishment Appeal Information

Below you will find any and all information you need to appeal your Punishment. When appealing a punishment you must follow the format, rules when applying. Make sure to read this document before appealing here.

1. If you have any issues or comments about an appeal, you can contact the Staff member who gave the Punishment.
2. Please do not argue over a denied appeal, Staff have final word.
3. If you have an issue about an accepted appeal people DM and admin, or make a Punishment request on the forums.
4. You can't post an appeal on someone else's behalf. If you are found doing this it will be invalid and will be denied.
5. Don't spam staff about your appeal. It will be denied if you do.
6. Don't advertise about your appeal on the Servers platforms.
7. Follow the format, if you don't your appeal will be denied.
8. If caught lying in your appeal you will be instantly denied and further punishment will be taken.
9. Please make sure your application is readable.
10. BOLD THE QUESTIONS. This makes it easier for Staff to read.
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