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Hey! Just to clear up a few things that happened over the last 24 hours. Our previous webhost provider has issues with their Servers and our site & databases got deleted. We tried to get a backup of the data that was deleted but we were unsuccessful. We tried to do a fresh install of Xenforo but registrations emails failed to send. This was due to how the PHP were setup on the Server itself. Our provided failed to cooperate with us on trying to get this issue fixed on their end but they kept refusing, so we now decided to move to a new hosting provider. This is only temporary until we pick up our Dedicated box either later this month or next month. With this been said ALL user data stored within these databases we had on the Webserver was unable to be recovered. We will be working to try and get these back over the next couple of days but I highly doubt we can.

The EnvySMP Staff team thank you all for being patient with us during this time. We will continue to keep you posted on this issue.