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    Apollo's Treasure Hunt

  2. RandomlyPending

    Ban Appeal

    DENIED Okay so its pretty common on ANY server that cheating is not allowed. I was going to reduce your ban to 15 days if you did put in a decent appeal but from this it just looks like you want to get unbanned for the sake of it. You could ruin the servers Economy by doing stuff like this and...
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    Announcement Forums Reset

    Hey! Just to clear up a few things that happened over the last 24 hours. Our previous webhost provider has issues with their Servers and our site & databases got deleted. We tried to get a backup of the data that was deleted but we were unsuccessful. We tried to do a fresh install of Xenforo but...
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    Information Punishment appeal Information

    Punishment Appeal Information Below you will find any and all information you need to appeal your Punishment. When appealing a punishment you must follow the format, rules when applying. Make sure to read this document before appealing here. 1. If you have any issues or comments about an...
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    Format Ban Appeal Format

    Please read the information post before you appeal your ban. ( Your In Game Name: Staff member who banned you (Tag them with @ before their name): Why were you banned?: Why should we unban you?: Duration of Ban?: Time of...
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    Format Staff Application Format

    Thank you for taking the time to Apply for Helper on EnvySMP. Below you will find the Format needed to fill out your application. Please be sure to fill this out in as much detail as possible. The more you put the higher your chances of being accepted. Your Minecraft Username...